FEELOMENA Collection 2022  was born from the study of the ancient Japanese ritual Seppuku, which literally means “belly cut”, also known as Harakiri: the ritual consists in a compulsory or voluntary suicide, an exclusive privilege of the samurai caste.

This cut of the belly, considered the seat of the soul, had the function of showing the pure and faultless soul of the samurai. The Seppuku took place according to a rigidly codified ritual to atone for a committed sin, or to escape a dishonorable death at the hands of enemies.

The cut was performed from left to right, and then upwards, while they were in the classic Japanese position called seiza, kneeling with the toes pointing backwards. This prevented the body from falling backwards, according to the moral code of the samurai: the warrior must die honorably, therefore falling forward.

The collection re-elaborates the aspect of purity and the rigor of this ritual gesture, revealing unexpected openings, geometric interlocking and unexpected roundness.

Black and the different shades of blue are interrupted by lines that follow one another incessantly.

As in samurai armor, structured shapes overlap each other to protect and defend precious and colorful interiors.