Feelomena is a brand that allows women to “feel” feminine, unique and unconventional with their style.

Feelomena clothing is immediately recognizable: exclusively handmade in Italy, using only the finest textiles, focusing on quality, artisanship and creativity.

Feelomena’s values? Femininity, Made in Italy, Charm, Innovation, Art, Craftsmanship, Luxury, Minimalism, Natural Textiles, Respect for Environment, Elegance, Personality, Difference.


After attending IED (European Institute of Design) in Turin, Filomena Saltarelli moved to Antwerp (Belgium) to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, she worked for some famous international fashion designers, and in 2014 she decided to pursue her dream by setting up her own company to become a new symbol of Italian style and elegance in the world.

Feelomena combines the comfort of a sharp and clean look of everyday living with the luxury of Italian design and textiles.

Juxtaposing Italian style with glamour and minimalism, Feelomena epitomizes the personality of its founder, Filomena Saltarelli, and of today’s women: elegant, contemporary, charming, yet still cool though embracing several concepts of femininity.

Opened in April 2019, the first Feelomena Flagship is a ‘treasure chest’ containing dreams and desires, an incubator of style and creativity combining fashion design and art in the hearth of Turin. Feelomena’s Showroom is a reference point for women looking for a unique outfit, custom-made clothing or an exclusive wedding dress. The Flagship Boutique is a timeless place, where ideas and emotions take shape.

Traditions and modernity are combined for transcending time and trends. Grey, white, blue and gold intersects metal hangers and bars especially customized for this magic location. A white wooden box hosts blue linen and velvet cushions from the textile designer Caterina Quartana.

A selection of handmade jewelry and bags are showed on a Surrealist golden table, while Filomena’s marble head (created by the sculptor Athar Jaber) is smoothly resting.

You can find Feelomena also in the hearth of Milan, (Dress You Can), and in Lecce (C.G.M.) where you can experience a new fashion revolution: start renting your favourite Feelomena outfit!