Feelomena 2023 collection is inspired to this moment of “global pandemic war,” which broke out with the arrival of Covid-19, the virus hindering social and physical contacts, hugs. Despite a longed-for return to normality, people still struggle and are afraid to touch each other, almost as if they were poisonous like Hooded Pitohuis.

The Pitohuis is a bird living in the rainforests and jungles of New Guinea, and is one of the first venomous birds discovered in the world. Derived from natural substances, the poison of this bird has a defensive function: simply touching the feathers of a Hooded Pitohuis is enough to feel the hands burning, as in the grip of burning flames. If ingested in minimum amounts, this poison acts on the nervous system, leading to paralysis and even death, like a powerful chemical weapon.

Those contemporary and naturalistic suggestions constitute the main source of inspiration of the new Feelomena 2023 collection, consisting of genderless garments, for both men and women, characterized by dark colors, with fluorescent-colored layers and slashes; just like the Hooded Pitohuis, which, as its name suggests, has a black head, as well as wings and tail, while the rest of the body is bright orange.
Severe, sharp lines play with graceful and colorful shapes, unveiling the hope of returning to new eternal and passionate points of contact.